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The Automobile Club of Southern California is the Southern California affiliate of the American Automobile Association (AAA) federation of motor clubs. The Auto Club was founded on December 13, 1900, in Los Angeles as one of the nation's first motor clubs dedicated to improving roads, proposing traffic laws, and improvement of overall driving conditions. Today, it is the single largest member of


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Sales Agent/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Bottom of the barrel company terrible leadership I would never refer anyone to work there avoid at all costs I feel bad for anyone who stays there - trash company"

Licensed Sales Producer (Current Employee) says

"You can work as hard as you want. Unrealistic goals. Management definitely need to be more hands on. Company does not put a premium on marketing or training.Great benefitsPoor structure and technology"

Membership customer service (Former Employee) says

"Working here was a complete and utter nightmare. All they care about are the 17 metrics and that stupid MasterCard. They have their favorites and if you are not one then you are basically looked over as if you don’t exist. They lie at the blink of an eye. They have unrealistic expectations and the pay is not worth the work load, headache or rude customers. They are very unorganized. The departments do not communicate. T"

Life Insurance Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Low morale, toxic place to work, management is carelessly bringing down agents. No appreciation for hard work. Constant insults towards minorities. Management usually choosing their favorites."

ERS customer advocate (Former Employee) says

"Training was fun but once you get the floor it’s a different story. Supervisors are unprofessional and condescending. Assists refuse to take calls, and most of the people there are pretty ghetto. If you aren’t getting yelled at from a member, you’re getting treated poorly by assists or managers. Managers are just people that worked there long enough to move up- they have no education or experience in leadership and it shows. I would not recommend this place.We are sorry that you have this experience with us at ACG. We understand that Claims can be a frustrating and stressful position and we appreciate all the hard work you do for us. If you have any suggestions or further feedback, please email"

Sr. Claims Specialist (Current Employee) says

"They have bullying management and do nothing about it. They do no care about claims employees. Look elsewhere! You are also overworked and not compensated properly.We are sorry that you have this experience with us at ACG. We understand that Claims can be a frustrating and stressful position and we appreciate all the hard work you do for us. If you have any suggestions or further feedback, please email"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I did not like this job. They expected to much out of people. Pay was very unfair due to living in Roanoke rapids. I did not like this job, i did not like this job"

Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"This company isn’t what it use to be. Leadership is a mess.They don’t value their employees. The company has restructured and has lost so many employees that they lie to new hires to get them to stay. This company doesn’t value experience. They are a revolving door for employees. They are looking for people with no experience to pay the least amount of money. It’s felt by the customer base.Thank you for your candid feedback. We always appreciate hearing from former employees and if you have any further details please contact us at"

Membership Processing Associate (Former Employee) says

"No communication until you getting written up. Expect you to do production work with out clear standing and expectations. Don't allow ample to.e to get proficient with task before switching what tasks you are responsible for and about the time your starting to meet expectations, they change your tasks so your always struggling. Supervisors lie.NoneBenefitsThank you for providing your candid review, we always value hearing from former employees. We are sorry to hear about your experience at ACG. If you would like to provide further details, please reach out to"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"AAA is the worse place to work don’t waste your time. They do not value their employees and you will be very underpaid they do not want to see you grown in the company"

I would rather not say (Current Employee) says

"After a few years he is still brining in people from his old companies, great long term employees are being replaced over and over it just does not stop.We are sorry to hear about your experience at ACG. If you would like to provide further details, please email"

Licensed Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"A perfect example of a big corporation who has lost touch with employees, customers, technology, human decency and civility, you name it. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy insurance here (inevitably something will go seriously wrong and they will NOT be able to help you) or worse, become an employee here. Processes and systems from the Stone Age, nothing has evolved since Missouri territory sold to Southern California. Such bad systems than they can be cheated and company rewards those that do. Nothing works properly, you won't have the tools to succeed or get answers, and the company is completely apathetic, even cold blooded, to its agents. A popular brand that is completely asleep at the wheel. To the company: Please don't send me a canned, patronizing response about how hard it is to work in insurance, how you wish me luck, and how I can gain an empathetic ear with the HR department. Don't bother. HR absolutely WILL NOT seek exit interviews on their own accord because this company is so bad and a revolving door. They'd need a full time, person on that instead of actually trying to deal with the issues. One departing agent I know tried to tell an HR rep the truth and was told "I don't believe you". Stay classy, AAA. I don't know how much longer you can operate like this."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"The Auto Club Group in Dearborn Michigan company culture is not good. The type of people the company hires are very unprofessional. I would not recommend this company for a young professional as far as career growth.Thank you for your review, we always appreciate hearing current employees’ insights. As it relates to career growth, we have recently implemented the Talent Planning Portal that will help improve career development for employees by letting them express their individual goals and aspirations. This will help in beginning to map out their career plans and offer more opportunity to move and grow throughout the organization. Thanks again for your feedback."

Insurance Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Don't be fooled by the recognizable brand name. The salaries are far below industry norms. Absolutely no work/life balance. We have the capability to all work from home, yet only management is allowed to do so. No advancement opportunities.It's a jobHorrible payThank you for providing your review. We strive to offer competitive compensation that is in line with similar organizations. We appreciate your honesty and would also appreciate hearing more about any recommendations you have to improve our work/life balance policy and advancement opportunities. You can send these recommendations to"

Shop Technician (Current Employee) says

"Not a good place to work. above store level management only cares about money! They don't care if you're short on staff or anything else. They just want the numbers at the end of the day.. I have been there several years. It's a horrible place to work.. I'm being very serious! I have also worked at several different locations... same stuffdecent health insurance but very expensiveno lunch.. work til you drop!"

Insurance Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The ACG club is owned by AAA MI, the upper management is clueless on what the FL Ins Agency has to go through. They are constantly micro managing every thing you do. They nit pick every little thing you say or do. The QA team is the worst I have ever seen. They are constantly telling you that you can't say this & but you have to say that, their scripting is made up by idiots that are totally clueless. They expect you to make unrealistic goals, the turn over is pathetic, It's like a revolving door. The job is Very stress full, It used to be ok until AAA MI bought out ACG (Auto Club Group). The 401k they match 40% not good in my opinion. If you have a family good lucky with ther medical premiums. They don't care, you don't like it they can find someone else is the upper management mentality. You will be dealing with over 20 different Insurance companies, it will take over 1 yr just to get a little comfortable with your job knowledge. They also expect you to sell membership & push credit cards on to customer that are calling to get service on their insurance policies and they will threaten your job if you don't make goals by putting you on an Action Plan. Good Luck. The bright side, It's good for a pay check.closed on Sundaycall constantly holding, poor service levels, irate customers, management is clueless"

Anonymouse (Former Employee) says

"The atmosphere is unpleasant . Everyone is not on the same accord. Stressful environment. The company doesn't care about its employees. Every week there are changes , but the change doesn't help the overall center."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Not employee friendly. From beginning to end of employment managers did not care for or try to help employees develop. The executives in HQ only cared about them selves. Stay awayNoneAnti Employee"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"when you first start your trainer tells you the total opposite of what the job title and mission is. once you hit the production for you are micro manged with how many calls you are taking and products that are being referred"

Tow Truck Operator (Current Employee) says

"Very hateful places if they see you have goals in life they will try stop it.. they don’t like people who have bigger and better dreams...find any and everything write you up changes rules every min one manger say u tow this way next day no that’s wrong but head manger say something else but lie say he didn’t say that.. very childish call employees out there name and if someone say that you driving there truck and try fight you they just seat there watch want step in stop anything very unclean and unorganizePay ever weekEverything"